Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jessi Palmer

                                       Jessi Palmer is our next goddess, and you know what that means

                                          I'm going to give her an extra special cum tribute

                                                           Jessi's such a beautiful slut!

                                Maybe you'd like to give her your own special cum tribute

                                      Here's a stud who's going to fill her cunt with cum

                                                  All I can do is masturbate to her pics

                                        That cock-filled cunt sure does make me horny!

                                                        So lovely, she's got my pledge

                                                        A woman of many talents!

                                                            And doesn't she look lovely?

                     Jesi Palmer, I'm going to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in your honor!


  1. Good choice...keep the pics cumming!

  2. I just love having a Masturbation Goddess.
    Here is a link to my blog.
    I hope to meet others as I have founf this blog well done and I like it