Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goddess Nikia

                                                            Here's Goddess Nikia

                                Aren't you just dying to see what she's got under that dress

                                                   Here's a peek- a perfect little tittiy!

                 And here's everything! I'm not sure I can make it through this post without cumming!

There's no question that I'm going to cum to this babe and lick it up in tribute to her sexy body.  The question is, which of these pics is it going to be?

This one would do. I love black bikini panties, especially when there's such a beautiful body inside of them

          But then, cumming to this lovely view of Nikia's tits and pretty face would be nice too

                        And doesn't she look nice sitting in the grass, like a half-pealed fruit!

                           Check out her figure- I'd have no trouble blowing it for this pic

Such a body!  Nikia, I'm going to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in tribute to your fantastic beauty.

                     But which pic will it be?  Going to have to examine each one very closely.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


                                                      Time for another tribute to Francesca

                                                     Sexy babe with a terrific figure

                                             Like that panties down to the thighs look

                                                            And such a beautiful face!

                                              Been masturbating to her a lot lately

                                                  With a body like that, who wouldn't?

                                                    And she's such a kinky cocksucker!

                                                              Here's that figure again

                                This is hardly the first time I've slurped up my cum for Francesca

So, now for the pledge- Francesca, I promise to cum to your pics and lick up every driop in tribute to your incredible beauty

                                                                 And your sexy ass

Friday, March 7, 2014

Masturbation Goddess Nikki Sweet

Nikki Sweet is my latest Masturbation Goddess

                            She looks so cute in that plaid dress.  And what nice legs she has!

                                     And how about those little titties?  Absolutely perfect!

                                           Lets have another look at Nikki's perfect little titties!

                                           And how about her pussy?  It looks pretty nice too!

                                         This sexy goddess looks good enough to worship

                                                           I'll have to give her the pledge

                 Nikki, I promise to cum to your pics and lick it all up in tribute to your beauty

                                               Of course, Zenza needs to use her first

                                    And discard my pretty little goddess after he's cum in her mouth

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Masturbation Goddess Tiffany Doll

Meet our latest goddess, Tiffany Doll

                                                       Tiffany leaves with a group of studs

                                                        She's so cute with her freckles

                                 Getting some tongue while the other studs start to strip her down

Sure is nice of those guys to expose Tiffany's lovely body.  It really helps with the masturbation!

                       Those dicks in her mouth really help with my masturbation too!

                                                              Need I say it?  Nice ass!

What I wouldn't give to feel her foot on my little dick. Of course, I'm not going to measure up to that stud!

                                              I'm going to enjoy the pledge for this babe!

          Tiffany pussy-fucked with a huge cock. I don't suppose she's interested in my tiny one.

               Tiffany ass-fucked by a huge cock.  By the way, I've got a blog just for her.

And now, the pledge.  Tiffany Doll, I'm going to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in tribute to your incredible beauty!

                                                            Tastes so good!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Goddess Lou Charmelle

A Pledge to Goddess Lou Chamelle

Goddess Lou on her cock throne looking down on those who worship were with their masturbation

   While she is a goddess to we who masturbate to her, she is the sex slave of studs who use her body

                                Lou's naked body is a thing of beauty to worship with masturbation

                                                          She's absolutely stunning!

                                         Lou beautiful is enhanced when studs use her body

                                                  This brute uses her like all his other conquests

                                   He'll ream out her ass, fill it with cum, and then discard her. 

Lou is so sexy here, the plaything of two studs, her little titties hanging down and both ends stuffed with cock.  Although I am unworthy, Lou Charmelle, I pledge to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in tribute.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Time to worship Rachel

                                            Doesn't our goddess look sexy in her black lingerie?

 She's billed as a MILF.  Well, this MILF has incredibly perky titties! Just look at how her hard nipples point skyward!

                                                So cute!  Can't wait for her tribute!

                                                                     Getting warmed up!

                                               Rachel is almost too sexy to handle!

                                                            Sheer perfection! And such a cute clit!

                                                      Rachel, I pledge to cum to your pics.

                                          And lick up every drop in tribute to your incredible beauty!