Thursday, October 16, 2014

BoxHead Remy

I've already given Remy LaCroix my cum tribute

Just look at how cute she is here!  And I think I can see her black bra beneath that tee.

                  So cute and sexy- I'm going to have to eat my cum for her again!

                                       Here's sexy Lorelei Lee, Remy's new mistress

So sexy!  I could eat cum for Lorelei!  But this post is about Remy, so I'll try to focus on her body.

                           Lorelei strips Remy down. Remy has such nice little titties!

Lorelei gets some snatch

                                                      I really love Remy's thighs!

And I always like a boxhead!  Just look at her cute eyes, her precious little bound titties, and those sexy thighs!  I might just blow my load right now!

                                                                 What a sexy body!

                          Lorelei gets some more snatch!  Wouldn't you if you could?

Remy looking very sexy in a box.  And we can jerk-off to her lovely body without being distracted by her cute face!

Remy tied down and spread out, looking good enough to fuck!  Such a cute little cunt!  Lorelei's looking pretty sexy too with that tattoo on her curvy hip.

            Lorelei does the little bitch doggy-style. And I'm going to do a cum tribute to her!

Remy LaCroix, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in a tribute to your incredible beauty and sexiness!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Goddess Alex Devine

Here's Alex

                              What a pretty face, and what's she got inside her bra?

                                 Very nice!  There's a pair of tits I could jerk-off to!

                    And what a pretty pussy! There's a body I could give a cum tribute to!

                                             Look at the way her titty is hanging down

                                                       There's a cunt I'd like to lick!

                                                      Alex getting it doggy style

                                  That's gotta be nice, sucking on her pretty titty

                                                     And even nicer getting a hand-job!

                                  So sexy- I'm going to have to give her the pledge

Alex- I promise to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in tribute to your beauty and sexiness!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Masturbation Goddess Jessica Koks (aka Ferrara Gomez)

Our latest goddess- Jessica Koks

                                 Doesn't she look nice?  I think I could cum to her in her underwear!

                         But this is much nicer.  I'm going to really enjoy this pledge!

                                 Jessica at a stripper pole.  Can't wait to see her act!

                                   Oh yes, just the kind of little titties I like to beat-off over!

                                                    And how about that tight cunt?

                                        Here's a body I can really jerk-off over

                   Some lucky stiff makes out with a hot blond while fucking Jessica

                                                              Jessica takes a load

And in't she so very pretty? Yes Jessica, I'm going to pledge to eat my cum as tribute to your beauty

                                              So sexy, and she's got a pretty face too!

                                              What I wouldn't do to taste her pussy!

                                          Here's some lucky stiff who's getting a taste of Jessica

Pretty face, perfect little titties, and such a big pussy!  Jessica, I promise to cum to your pics and then lick up every drop!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goddess Sophie Lynx

Here's Sophie Lynx- she'll get my next cum tribute

                                      Sophie is model #11.  Very cute, don't you think?

                                    She's a skinny little thing, but I sure do have the hots for her!

                                               And what nice titties this lovely babe has!

                                                     Some more skin to jerk-off to

                       Let's see how Sophie measures up.  Pretty face, nice tits, descent figure

                                                   And from the side- nice ass and legs!

       She real talented at spreading her legs too!  Think I'll jerk on this one a bit before I move on.

And she looks especially pretty with a couple of cocks inside her mouth and ass.  Love her little titties!

                                               Sophie's about to get a little spanking

                                           And then her master is going to masturbate a bit

                                                          Such a pretty little cock-sucker!

                                         I'm fantasizing about licking her clit!  And now the pledge!

Just look at those cum-covered titties!  Sophie, I promise to cum for you and lick up every drop!