Thursday, December 11, 2014

Goddess Dita

Here's my favorite stripper- Dita Von Teese

                  I've cum to Dita quite a bit. It's about time that I've made the pledge for her

                 Off comes her bra.  She's able to hide her tits and give us a real tease

                          I'm stroking it for her sexy figure, but I want to see more!

                             That's so nice!  This girl's going to make me cum!

                                         And of course I'll collect it all in my hand

                                                    Dita's serving up refreshments

             This is from the first set of Dita I ran across.  She drove me absolutely wild!

With a name like Dita Von Teese I figured she must be some kind of royalty.  In any case, I blew my load for her, the first of many times.

So now the pledge.  Dita Von Teese, I promise to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in tribute to your incredible beauty and sexy body

Friday, November 21, 2014

Goddess Jenna Haze

                           I've certainly done my share of masturbating over Jenna

                      Jenna looks good in blue, and you can almost see her nipples in this one

                                    And here they are for your masturbation pleasure

                                              Some lucky stiff who gets to finger Jenna

                                                                      All tied up

                             Jenna wants us to jerk-off.  And of course we'll oblige her!

                                                        What a sight to jerk-off to!

                                         Stripper Jen.  I sure would like to see that show!

                                                  And what a show she's putting on!

Posing with a big cock, cum dripping down her face and chest. Jennifer's going to get my pledge for sure.

                                                       Oiled up for an ass-fucking

             Jennifer Haze, I promise to cum to your pics and lick up every drop afterwards!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Goddess Addison Dark

                                                       Our next Masturbation Goddess

Cute little Addison Dark looking sexy in her short red dress.  She's got me masturbating and she hasn't even taken her clothes off yet!

                                   And just look at those tits!  I like the way they hang!

                  I imagine being on my knees, masturbating, as I put my face in there!

                                                        Jerking away for this one too

                                                                       She's one of us

                                                    And she's got such nice legs

                                                      Here's a body to masturbate over

                                                           Getting her pussy filled

                                                          And taking it doggy-style

                                Addison Dark, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum

                                                    And lick up every drop afterwards


                                                        Such a sexy scene!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Goddess Erica Fontes

Here's Erica Fontes

                                Sexy blond in a red dress.  How about those legs!

Some of the porn sites I've found her on refer to her as a skinny blond. She is thin, and oh so masturbation worthy!

             Erica is so sexy looking here.  I have a real urge to make a cum tribute for her.

Jerking to this sexy babe!  Those legs, that ass, that long blond hair, those big red lips!

                     Oh yes Erica, spread your pussy lips and make us masturbate harder!

                     Way too sexy!  I'm compelled to give her my cum pledge!

                                   I don't know if I can make it to the end of this post

                                                         Oh what a body she has!!!!!

Erica, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in tribute to your fantastic sexiness!!!

                                                                And enjoy doing it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Masturbation Goddess Abigaile Johnson

Abigaile is the Masturbator of the Moment over at my Masturbaytion Blog

                           And now this sexy lady is my newest Masturbation Goddess

                                                                       Isn't she cute?

                                              Check out those fine little titties!

                                               Check out the rest of Abigaile's body!

                   She really makes me masturbate- gonna have to make the pledge to her!

                                           Looking cute with a cock in her mouth

                                          Abigaile's getting ready for a creaming

                                          Just look at that beautiful cummy face!

                           Wouldn't it be nice to get a closeup, in person look at her lovely body?

                                 Here's a luck stiff who gets to feel Abigaile up

Abigaile admiring a huge cock.  I suppose she only hands out with guys who are really hung.  But even though I have a tiny dick I can still eat cum for her!

                                              Abigaile enjoying well-hung cocks


                                                          Talk about well-hung!

Anigaile Johnson, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in tribute to your incredible cuteness