Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Masturbation Goddess Abigaile Johnson

Abigaile is the Masturbator of the Moment over at my Masturbaytion Blog

                           And now this sexy lady is my newest Masturbation Goddess

                                                                       Isn't she cute?

                                              Check out those fine little titties!

                                               Check out the rest of Abigaile's body!

                   She really makes me masturbate- gonna have to make the pledge to her!

                                           Looking cute with a cock in her mouth

                                          Abigaile's getting ready for a creaming

                                          Just look at that beautiful cummy face!

                           Wouldn't it be nice to get a closeup, in person look at her lovely body?

                                 Here's a luck stiff who gets to feel Abigaile up

Abigaile admiring a huge cock.  I suppose she only hands out with guys who are really hung.  But even though I have a tiny dick I can still eat cum for her!

                                              Abigaile enjoying well-hung cocks


                                                          Talk about well-hung!

Anigaile Johnson, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in tribute to your incredible cuteness

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Goddess Simony Diamond

Simony is our latest Masturbation Goddess

         Isn't she beautiful?  And just look at her thighs!  She really makes me masturbate!

                                                And here's her nude body.What a sexy sight!

                                          Simony doing herself with a double dildo

                      Nice figure.  Simony's got a body that's really great for beatin-off to!

                          Lovely eyes, a sweet mouth, such nice skin, and killer tits!

               All that, and she's got a nice ass too! I'm really going to enjoy eating my cum for this babe!

                                          Simony on a leash.  Kinky and very very sexy!

                                                                 A body built for sex

                                          And these two lucky stiffs know how to use it!

                                      How many different ways would you use her body?

                                                      Which end would you prefer?

                                                   Fantasizing that Simony is my bride to be

                                             But then, she probably likes huge cocks

                                             Simony posing with a handsome cock

                     This stud put a bag over her head.  What do you suppose he's up to?

  That is Simony, isn't it?  Those do look like her tits. And that tatoo's her's too!

Simony's a popular lady.Not much chance that I'd get a turn.  But I can pledge my cum tribute!


                        Simony is more woman than this gang of bangers can handle

And she has such interesting tits


Look at the way she collects all that cum!

Simony, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in tribute to your incredible beauty and interesting tits!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

BoxHead Remy

I've already given Remy LaCroix my cum tribute

Just look at how cute she is here!  And I think I can see her black bra beneath that tee.

                  So cute and sexy- I'm going to have to eat my cum for her again!

                                       Here's sexy Lorelei Lee, Remy's new mistress

So sexy!  I could eat cum for Lorelei!  But this post is about Remy, so I'll try to focus on her body.

                           Lorelei strips Remy down. Remy has such nice little titties!

Lorelei gets some snatch

                                                      I really love Remy's thighs!

And I always like a boxhead!  Just look at her cute eyes, her precious little bound titties, and those sexy thighs!  I might just blow my load right now!

                                                                 What a sexy body!

                          Lorelei gets some more snatch!  Wouldn't you if you could?

Remy looking very sexy in a box.  And we can jerk-off to her lovely body without being distracted by her cute face!

Remy tied down and spread out, looking good enough to fuck!  Such a cute little cunt!  Lorelei's looking pretty sexy too with that tattoo on her curvy hip.

            Lorelei does the little bitch doggy-style. And I'm going to do a cum tribute to her!

Remy LaCroix, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in a tribute to your incredible beauty and sexiness!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Goddess Alex Devine

Here's Alex

                              What a pretty face, and what's she got inside her bra?

                                 Very nice!  There's a pair of tits I could jerk-off to!

                    And what a pretty pussy! There's a body I could give a cum tribute to!

                                             Look at the way her titty is hanging down

                                                       There's a cunt I'd like to lick!

                                                      Alex getting it doggy style

                                  That's gotta be nice, sucking on her pretty titty

                                                     And even nicer getting a hand-job!

                                  So sexy- I'm going to have to give her the pledge

Alex- I promise to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in tribute to your beauty and sexiness!