Monday, May 25, 2015

Goddess Dani Daniels

Lets meet our newest Masturbation Goddess- Dani Daniels

                                                                Check out that figure!

                                                        And a little hint of fur

                                                       Here's a body I can jerk-off to

                                           And won't it be nice to take the pledge for this babe!

                                                     I can hardly wait to blow my load

                                                 How I'd like to have my face in there!

                                              Dani's mistress knows how to handle her

                                                She'll get her all hot and bothered

                                                 And next thing you know, Dani's eating pussy!

   Dani Daniels, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in tribute to your fantastic beauty!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Masturbation Goddess Madison Parker

Here's lovely Madison Parker

Madison has such a sexy body and really nice little titties. This makes her very popular with a lot of guys.

                                           Lots of horny guys jerk-off to her sexy body

                                                  Stroke your dick and enjoy the view

                                     Of course, real men have other things in mind

                                                        Like making her horny

                                                            Tasting her sweet pussy

      And giving her a good fucking.  My, but Madison looks sexy when she's getting screwed!

                                    Lots of hungry cocks want to get inside Madison

                  Her pics are making me so horny- can't wait till I make the pledge!

                                                                Madison is so sexy!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Goddess Viktoria McAdams

My newest goddess is so beautiful

                                       I could blow it for her even when she's clothed!

But oh, it's going to be so much better looking at her tits!  By the way, notice how her left titty has a much bigger  areola than the right? Somehow that makes me jerk-off harder!

                             So sexy!  Oh but I'm going to love giving her my pledge!

                                                                  Feeling herself up

                                                                 Teasing her clit!

                                                                 What could be sexier?

                                                     This babe really deserves my tribute!

                                        So much talent and she knows how to handle cocks too!

                                                             And those beautiful eyes!

Victoria, I promise to jerk-off to your pics until I cum.  Then I promise to lick up every drop- in tribute to your beauty.

                                                                        and sexiness

                                                                             Oh Yessss.....

Friday, April 10, 2015


Here's Elanor

                                                     Our Goddess is so very pretty

                                                              And she's got a sexy body too!

                                    Eleanor's the kind of babe I like jerking-off to

                                                    And she deserves something special

                                                               Like a nice cum tribute

                                                      Eleanor's my kind of woman

                       The kind that poses nude so I have something to masturbate to

Thank you Eleanor- I promise to jerk-off to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Goddess Blue Angel

Here's sexy Blue Angel, my latest Masturbation Goddess

                                 She's so cute!  And I do like that outfit she's got on!

                                                   Here's a masturbation-grade body!

               And I'm sure jerking to this one!  Love the way she's posing- such nice curves!

Blue has such nice puffy titties too!  I could just cream to this one!  But have to make the pledge- have to get to the end of the post!

                                                                 Oh yes!  So sexy!

                   Love the expression on her face as she's nailed in the ass. Used girls are so sexy!

                                                            And here's a masturbators fantsy

                                              :Like the way Blue works that cunt

                                                                        Kissing Cock

And how about this for a masturbation fantasy- licking Blue Angel's pussy while you jerk-off?

                              Yes, Blue Angel really turns me on!  Going to make the pledge!

Blue Angel, I promise to cum to your pics and then lick up every drop in tribute to your fantastic beauty.