Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goddess Sophie Lynx

Here's Sophie Lynx- she'll get my next cum tribute

                                      Sophie is model #11.  Very cute, don't you think?

                                    She's a skinny little thing, but I sure do have the hots for her!

                                               And what nice titties this lovely babe has!

                                                     Some more skin to jerk-off to

                       Let's see how Sophie measures up.  Pretty face, nice tits, descent figure

                                                   And from the side- nice ass and legs!

       She real talented at spreading her legs too!  Think I'll jerk on this one a bit before I move on.

And she looks especially pretty with a couple of cocks inside her mouth and ass.  Love her little titties!

                                               Sophie's about to get a little spanking

                                           And then her master is going to masturbate a bit

                                                          Such a pretty little cock-sucker!

                                         I'm fantasizing about licking her clit!  And now the pledge!

Just look at those cum-covered titties!  Sophie, I promise to cum for you and lick up every drop!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Masturbation Goddess Remy LaCroix

                                                   Can't wait to do the pledge for Remy!

Isn't she cute?  If you've been to Porn Masturbation lately you'll know I've done several posts for he5r.

                                     Fantastic figure!  That must be what drew me to her at first.

                                      And those titties!  They'll keep me cumming back

                                                  Let's check out her figure some more

                                                                         And more....

                                                                      And more....

                                               Of course, she's got a pretty pussy too!

                                     Getting ready to do a double dildo- one of my favorites!

 Remy is putting on a show for college frat boys.  They're having a great time watching her, but they would never date a slut like that!

                      But I worship Remy from below, and I'm going to take the pledge to her.

                                    That tight black dress sure shows off her fantastic figure.

                                         Some studs checking out Remy's sexy body

They're trying to figure out whether or not they're going to fuck her.  Remy sure hopes she gets some!

Those studs with the monster cocks decide that they'll just use Remy's mouth.  Never know where that cunts been. I'd sure love to lick it when they're finished with her.

And now the pledge.  Remy, I promise to cum for you and lick up every drop!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Masturbation Goddess Bijou

                                                      Gonna take the pledge for Bijou

Here's sexy brunette Bijou

Pretty face

Nice body

Even nicer naked

And how about those little titties?  Can't wait to cum to her!

Bijou will be my next Masturbation Goddess

I'll cum to her pics and then lick up every drop

Some studs might just use her sexy body

And dump their cum on her face

But I'm going to eat my cum in tribute to her awesome beauty

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goddess Nikia

                                                            Here's Goddess Nikia

                                Aren't you just dying to see what she's got under that dress

                                                   Here's a peek- a perfect little tittiy!

                 And here's everything! I'm not sure I can make it through this post without cumming!

There's no question that I'm going to cum to this babe and lick it up in tribute to her sexy body.  The question is, which of these pics is it going to be?

This one would do. I love black bikini panties, especially when there's such a beautiful body inside of them

          But then, cumming to this lovely view of Nikia's tits and pretty face would be nice too

                        And doesn't she look nice sitting in the grass, like a half-pealed fruit!

                           Check out her figure- I'd have no trouble blowing it for this pic

Such a body!  Nikia, I'm going to cum to your pics and lick up every drop in tribute to your fantastic beauty.

                     But which pic will it be?  Going to have to examine each one very closely.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


                                                      Time for another tribute to Francesca

                                                     Sexy babe with a terrific figure

                                             Like that panties down to the thighs look

                                                            And such a beautiful face!

                                              Been masturbating to her a lot lately

                                                  With a body like that, who wouldn't?

                                                    And she's such a kinky cocksucker!

                                                              Here's that figure again

                                This is hardly the first time I've slurped up my cum for Francesca

So, now for the pledge- Francesca, I promise to cum to your pics and lick up every driop in tribute to your incredible beauty

                                                                 And your sexy ass